February 17, 2014

A Day at the Movies!

Hi Friends! Here is our latest midnight planning creation. As usual, we were texting back and forth brainstorming writing ideas when one thing lead to another and we ended up with 
A Day at the Movies! 

After a quick stop by the grocery store the next morning and a couple of quick calls to the custodian and the 6th grade teachers, we were ready for our writing experience!

We set up the projector and chairs in the multipurpose room for our theater. {By we I mean the 6th graders that came to help. They had 80 chairs all set up in rows in less than 5 minutes!} Then, we set up a concession stand and a ticket booth and we were ready for the kiddos.

We gave each student 4 $5 bills, because a day at the movies isn't cheap! They got to buy their ticket and snacks and find a seat just like at the real theater. Then we watched a short movie. The kids had a blast! Some even said it was their first time to go to the theater. 

The next day we talked about the experience and the kids wrote about their day at the movies.

Their writing turned out great! It was full of details and they enjoyed writing about all the fun they had. It was a win-win. 

If you want to provide this experience for your class, click here to buy the unit complete with all the printables we used!

We are loving writing with our kiddos! What fun experiences do you love to have your students write about?

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