January 19, 2017

102nd Day of Second Grade

Are you ready for a fun new way to celebrate the 100th day of school? We've got you covered! 

By 2nd grade our students have already celebrated the 100th day a couple of times, so we are mixing things up with the 102nd day of second grade! We are celebrating Dalmatian style complete with a classroom flip and Cruela DeVil costume!

To set the stage to engage, we purchased the following items:

Blow up fire hydrant and Dalmatian
Fire truck pop up tent
Black and white polka dot baking cups
Cruela DeVil wig and gloves

Dollar Tree:
Fire hats
Dog bowls

Dalmatian fabric
Angel food cake mix
White cake mix
chocolate chips

Home Depot:

Astro turf

We used the dalmatian fabric to cover tables to give the classroom that dalmatian feel. (I even used a little extra to make a scarf to complete the Cruela outfit). 

The astroturf was used to cover the table at the dog park center because we all know dogs like to play in the grass!

We even bought a few dog bowls for organizing the supplies at the centers because you can't have a classroom full of dogs and no dog bowls, right?!

To label each area, we had the center posters printed as colored engineering prints at Staples and hung them at each center.

For the fire station we had the blow up fire hydrant and dalmatian, the fire hats and the pop up fire truck tent. The students could wear their hats and take turns in the fire truck while they conducted their dalmatian research.

We started the day by having the students make their dalmatian ear headbands and dog tags.

Once they were all transformed into adorable little puppies, we started our centers. Our students rotated through the following centers:

Listening Center with the Summary Writing
Dalmatian Research with QR Codes
Dog Adjective Sorting with QR codes
Double Digit and Triple Digit 
Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping
Dalmatian Cake

At the dalmatian cake center we made 3, 2, 1 cakes and saved them to eat while we watched
 102 Dalmatians.

We finished off our day with an opinion writing about the movie. We brainstormed likes and dislikes together, then they did their writing and completed their dalmatian craft.

Grab our opinion writing and dalmatian cake freebie here

It is such a fun day and the students are so motivated to complete all their tasks! You can check out all the activities here. We hope you have as much fun celebrating and learning as we did!


  1. WOW! What a fun way to celebrate! I absolutely LOVE the Dalmatian theme! The centers look like a blast and the classroom flip is awesome. Love it!