January 18, 2015

January Math Centers

Well we survived our first second week back to school. We always forget how tired we are those first weeks back! 
And how confused our kiddos seem to be (of course having 2 weeks off then a 4 day weekend doesn't help with getting back into a routine). Anyone else have students that come back like this...

Right?!?!?! They are like, we had rules in the classroom? We can't just hang out and chit chat with our friends? What???? To save eveyone's sanity, our go to math centers for those first weeks back are our Snowman Scoot with QR Codes. They are fun, easy set up, and they help to get the kiddos back into the routine of school. It's a win-win! Because honestly, we feel like we have no memory of this place either!

The kiddos love to get up and move around the room, and we love the instant feedback. It's great to see the them checking their answers and re-working their problems when they get them wrong.

Click here for the link.

What are your favorite activites for getting back into the routine of school again?

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