January 12, 2015

Ninja Math Problem Solving

Hi! It's Stef here with a funny story about some of the funny things that happen in room 13. 

A couple of months back I shared a folder with my students on Compass/Odyssey with some math skills I wanted them to practice. Because the folder was sent from me, it was labeled with my name, Stefani Khan. So of course, like all good teachers do, I tell them a story about how I used to be a Secret Spy Ninja before I became a teacher and that Stefani Khan is my secret ninja name so they can't tell anyone they know it. I even through out a couple of cool ninja kicks and hand motions to make it believable. 

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My students were amazed that I was a former ninja.  Every now and then someone would mention something about my secret ninja name and that was that.

Then, the other day we were working on skip counting on a number line and we were trying to find out how many more to go from 603 to 936. We skip counted to 936 and then I asked my students if they knew what they just did. 

Me: Did you know that you just solved a subtraction problem?

Students: What?!?!

Me: Yes! You just solved 


Students: Oh My Gosh! We didn't even know we were doing that! 

One Little Girl: (With the look of pure amazement in her eyes) YOU REALLY ARE A NINJA!!!!!

And that my friends is why I love 2nd Graders!!! 



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